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You are listening to a massmouth story slam podcast. Our stories are recorded live at venues throughout Greater Boston. There are 9 podcasts in our first series, containing stories+highlights from our first slam season where people of all ages, backgrounds and storytelling experience, came to tell, and listen. They were all eager for the 'story connection'. Our slams are great entertainment and often connect us to new or resonating experiences. Come to listen or come to tell! Join us live for season VI, 2014 -2015 at Club Passim in Harvard Square, The Trident Booksellers Cafe and Centre Street Sanctuary in JP. Podcasts from season II, III, IV and V will be uploaded soon. For details about our next LIVE show by checking massmouth at our websites:, Facebook and twitter as "massmouth,inc. or massmouth" and on youtube channel: massmouth2videos









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Local storytelling heroes Michael Mack & Jannelle Codianni plus  out of town favorite Allison Downey presented the kick-off for 1st Person Plural, season 2. Hosted by Norah Dooley. Curated and produced by HR Britton, Norah Dooley and massmouth,inc. This series gives accomplished storytellers who've honed their craft at story slams a chance to stretch out and tell more elaborate stories. 

is a Massachusetts College of Art educated producer and performer. She traveled nationally with the performance art troupe The Art Cheerleaders. In the late 1990's and early 2000's she co-produced Live Girls' Spoken Word and performed all around New England and New York City.   She wandered out of the house one day and happened upon Massmouth's story slam at Doyle's, won First Place for the night and took Second Place in the Big Mouth Off in April of 2012. 
Called "spellbinding" by the Cambridge Chronicle, storyteller and playwright MICHAEL MACK shares disarmingly personal tales of faith, love, and survival. He has published in America, Best Catholic Writing, and the Journal of the American Medical Association and been a feature in The NY Times, Boston Globe, Washington Post, and NPR. Awards include a MA Cultural Council artist grant in both 2005 and 2013. He has performed his solo shows at Foxwoods, the US Library of Congress, Off-Off-Broadway, and at Harvard & Yale Universities. ALLISON DOWNEY is a StorytellerSinger-SongwriterWriter and Educator. She believes in the power of story, song and the arts to build community, and teach us about ourselves. She lived in Washington, DC, Spain, New Mexico, and Austin, Texas before landing in her current home of Kalamazoo, MI.  She’s toured as an actor/playwright in her one-woman performance piece, as a storyteller for children & adults, and ultimately as a storyteller for The Moth Mainstage.

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season V podcasts

Season V podcasts are coming soon!

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ALMA - Every Object Has a Story - rough cut

ALMA - On Sep 28, 2013  Every Object Has a Story - rough cut - just the stories. Music by Choosian Ensemble Armenian Folk Music - "Pampuri Barr"Sincere thanks to the staff at ALMA; Gary Lind-Sinanian and Berj Chekijian and especially Susan Pattie for starting it all. You were all wonderful to work with and your museum is a fabulous organizaton.

Participants shared their stories about an object that is meaningful to them.  We asked "Do you have something that is your treasure - something you would never give away? Like a favorite childhood toy, a book, a photo, an article of clothing, a tool, a musical instrument, a trophy, or a memento like a letter,  ticket stubs or a program? Maybe it is something that hangs on your wall, sits on your mantlepiece, or is tucked away in a closet?  Perhaps you keep this because it embodies or is a "totem" for a time or person in your life, a place you miss, or something you hope for?

Every Object Has A Story  workshop - some of the questions... 

When and how did you first receive or encounter the object?

Who was there? 

What was the first thing you did with it?

What does it look like? color, shape,size

What does it feel like? texture surfaces - depth -  weight

What does it smell like? Is their a sound associated with it?

Did you know it was important from the beginning?

How did your object gain importance to you?

Has its meaning changed over time?

What event or person taught you the importance of this object?

What would you give to get this object back?

Next ?

If you had to give it to someone, who would that be and what would you say to them?

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Sandy Miller•schooled•season IV

Sandy Miller's story from the the schooled story slam on 9/9/12 at Doyle's Cafe in Jamaica Plain

Each month people crowd into venues all over the city to hear ten tellers, who are chosen at random to tell their true 5 minute story on the night's theme. This site hosts a collection of podcasts from all manner of massmouth live events and other media offerings from 2009 to the present.  Check out iTunes and for more podcasts.  Join us live: At our events pages and on Facebook and Twitter you can find out where our next live event will be.

“Because you have a life, you have a story. Bring it.”

"storytelling: funnier than poetry, deeper than comedy" - Michael Anderson, storyteller

This podcast was edited and hosted by Jason Tuersky. Follow Jason on twitter @Jasonturesky1

Music provided by local composer,  Curtis K Hughes

"Quartet for Saxaphones" read more about his work at:

massmouth is a 501c3, nonprofit, promoting the timeless art of storytelling in 21st century life, through education, digital media and live performance. Connecting people to their stories to connect people through their stories.
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