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You are listening to a massmouth story slam podcast. Our stories are recorded live at venues throughout Greater Boston. There are 9 podcasts in our first series, containing stories+highlights from our first slam season where people of all ages, backgrounds and storytelling experience, came to tell, and listen. They were all eager for the 'story connection'. Our slams are great entertainment and often connect us to new or resonating experiences. Come to listen or come to tell! Join us live for season VI, 2014 -2015 at Club Passim in Harvard Square, The Trident Booksellers Cafe and Centre Street Sanctuary in JP. Podcasts from season II, III, IV and V will be uploaded soon. For details about our next LIVE show by checking massmouth at our websites:, Facebook and twitter as "massmouth,inc. or massmouth" and on youtube channel: massmouth2videos









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massmouth was invited back to celebrate First Night 2012 with story. We said hello to 2012 with two, back to back story slams  and this podcast is from the first slam, recorded with a digital Zoom. It features an excerpt of Reggie Carpenter's story on the theme "home", Scott Schultz's 'pony in the cellar' from "gifts" theme, Michael Anderson's tale of two breakfasts and Abishek Shah's "the end" of the party. Both story slams were standing room only.

8PM to 9:45PM  part one and   9:45pm to 11PM part two

The theme for stories was "the end"  OR tellers could may bring a story on any  prompt* from any Season III story slams.(emergency,supernatural,wheels, pranked, idol, where I'm from, and gifts)The audience jumped in and even more opted to sit back and listen to some of Boston's best story slammers. People with a 4 minute story on the theme "the end " or any of the season's themes brought their stories and then dropped their names in the “hat” and were  drawn at random to tell in each slam .

  On April 11, 2012, 7-9PM All the finalists if our offical slams will gather at Coolidge Corner,  main Theater to compete for a week in a medeival townhouse in Tuscany and other prizes.   If you've lived it, you have a story. Tell it!

About story slams

Like a poetry slam, a story slam is a performance based contest where volunteer judges choose the best true story on the theme. Anyone may sign up at the venue for a chance to tell their true, 5-minute, first- person narrative and a lucky 8-10 tellers will be chosen at random to perform their stories. Check out our upcoming slams at events pages and follow us on twitter and Facebook.

About First Night

First Night, Inc. is a private nonprofit organization dedicated to building community and celebrating diversity through the arts. With 35 years under its belt, the organization has grown into an internationally-renowned festival presenter and more – delivering high-quality arts programs to large diverse audiences, offering vital arts education opportunities to underserved children and teenagers, and providing unique planning and production services to the field.


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