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You are listening to a massmouth story slam podcast. Our stories are recorded live at venues throughout Greater Boston. There are 9 podcasts in our first series, containing stories+highlights from our first slam season where people of all ages, backgrounds and storytelling experience, came to tell, and listen. They were all eager for the 'story connection'. Our slams are great entertainment and often connect us to new or resonating experiences. Come to listen or come to tell! Join us live for season VI, 2014 -2015 at Club Passim in Harvard Square, The Trident Booksellers Cafe and Centre Street Sanctuary in JP. Podcasts from season II, III, IV and V will be uploaded soon. For details about our next LIVE show by checking massmouth at our websites:, Facebook and twitter as "massmouth,inc. or massmouth" and on youtube channel: massmouth2videos









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1.4 So Embarrasing StorySlamSeason I

1.4 So Embarrasing StorySlamSeason I was recorded live at Kennedy's Midtown BOston, MA on January 11th, 2010. Features stories by Michael Anderson, Andrea Lovett, Rona Leventhal and more. 

Each month people crowded into venues all over the city to hear ten tellers, who were chosen at random tell their true 5 minute story on the night’s theme. At each event, more than half of the audience was introduced to story slams and storytelling.  It’s clear that our high-tech society is ripe for some low-tech action. And the essentially human experience of storytelling is fitting the bill.  
This site hosts a collection of podcasts from all manner of massmouth live events and other media offerings from 2009 to the present.  Check out iTunes and for more podcasts.  All works by masssmouth storytellers. Some are writers, some are storytellers, some are comics, some are improv comedians and for some this is their first literary or performing arts experience. All are real people telling their stories. Join us live: At our events pages and on Facebook and Twitter you can find out where our next live event will be. “Because you have a life, you have a story. Bring it.”

Norah Dooley and Josh Fine transferred and converted audio files from our video collection to create these podcasts. There is some uneven quality and not all issues that occurred in the taping could be resolved in post production. Sorry.  Josh Fine and I worked as "audio engineers" supported with technical assistance from Harrison Swyter.

"storytelling: funnier than poetry, deeper than comedy" - Michael Anderson, storyteller
massmouth is a 501c3, nonprofit, promoting the timeless art of storytelling in 21st century life, through education, digital media and live performance. Connecting people to their stories to connect people through their stories.
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